Today’s view of the sea in my hometown – goodbye sunny UK!

At 1am last night, Hastings Pier was set alight in an arson attack. Very sad.

“Without heart we would be mere machines”

Nice view of the sea, from the place we are going to be staying for the next six weeks or so.

Sitting in deck chairs on the beach at Seaford, with books in hand, and mugs of tea


Lunch at Badgers Tea House in Alfriston

As an outing today, we drove to Seaford, stopping in Alfriston for lunch and a look around. We were recommended by a friend to eat at Badgers Tea House, a small place originally built as a bakery 500 years ago.

They brought our tea out in silver pots, one looking like an old lantern of the genie-popping type. We went for the chunky tomato soup with bread and a huge hunk of cheddar, and a sausage panini with spicy tomato relish. We finished off with a piece of the wonderfully-soft and delicious coffee cake. Highly recommended. I would love to return for a cream tea at some point.

Late lunch of a breakfast baguette; sausage, bacon, egg, mushrooms

The new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

571bhp, 0-60 in 3.8s. Extras including a £5k B&O stereo, yours for a cool £180k.

What are Microsoft saying with this ad?

"We mark all your email as spam, so you don't have to waste time reading it."

Tux and Quake III

Suppose there's no denying where my allegiance lay prior to my first Mac. Tux guarding my favourite game of the time.

Cool Nokias from the past

Found two of my old Nokia phones in the loft; the 8110 'banana phone' and the 7110 with slide/WAP. They were so cool!

Leeds Castle

Visiting Leeds Castle today. So many people, but the sun keeps popping out.

Star Wars In Concert at the O2 Arena, with my brother

London Underground find it necessary to remind everybody about good manners


Staying at Le Chateau Japonais

The Toto washlet, with its spray and heated seat, has been very much missed since leaving Japan. 

Visiting Bodium Castle, built over 600 years ago, in 1385.

A couple of snowy scenes during today’s heavy snowfall

I particularly liked the image of a man trying to create a seated snow figure on the bench; and the fact that in both photographs, the British flag provides almost all of the colour, in otherwise very white scenes.

Beautiful sunset this evening, with snow on the ground

Dad would have loved it, and been out with his camera.


First meal back in England, a carvery roast dinner

Turkey and beef, two large Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, peas and carrots, and a good smothering of gravy. Delicious!

We went with my family and some friends - ten of us in all - for an £8.50 per person carvery, on the way home from the airport.

Flying over London

Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, and the London Eye are clearly visible along the river.