Finished reading: Master of Go, Yasunari Kawabata ★★★★ An enjoyable read despite numerous quirks, and I learnt a bit about Go. 📚 / Books Read

Blue wall art of two dolphins, a turtle, and a whale.

Finished reading: The Rum Diary, Hunter S. Thomson ★★★★★ Surprised me. Really enjoyed it; I didn’t want it to end. 📚 / Books Read

Outside concrete staircase with the fronts painted which, when seen from the front appears like a fantasy landscape with a blue sky and hot air balloons overhead

Skeeting on Bluesky? Surely it should be “bleating”. 🐑

No more masks on public transportation, finally.

Just installed ShortCat, for controlling the Mac interface with a keyboard. Anybody else tried it yet? (h/t:

Very pleasantly surprised to find this PowerBook G4 sitting open in an electronics store today, as a display piece. It was such a handsome machine for the time, ~20 years ago. 💻

That’s some hidden-in-plain-sight branding right there. 🎒

吉… 喆… 嚞

Early morning cycle. It’s good to be back. 🚲