A ramen at 330am, after a heavy night of drinking, prevents a bad hangover. It’s official!

Although, in hindsight, it was a little too fishy for me. It's the special at the moment, at 花月 in 権堂.

Took a trip out to Kawanakajima for lunch, to visit Kanaya for ramen

His 特製ラーメン (ramen special) for ¥850 (£6.50) comes with three slices of meat and an egg. Since the last time I came, a year or so ago, he's added onions on top. As we left, though, the master came out and gave us some bad news; he's going to leave the shop at the end of December due to health issues. He suggested that there could be somebody taking the shop over, but it was a bit of a shock, because the master of Kanaya studied his ramen making from the master of Buaiso, now Ichibun. With him leaving, the old ramen taste I used to enjoy all those years ago at ラーメンぶあいそー could be no more. That's sad.


I ordered the 'gonbutonkotsu' (great pun that) ramen at ¥800 (£6) with an egg added for ¥100 extra. Then afterwards I had to order more of the fat noodles for ¥100. I liked it a lot, especially as I'm a fan of the thick noodles.




For lunch today we went to a small place just out of town. It costs just ¥400 (£3) for their ramen, which is surprising in itself, but the most surprising thing is that they give a bigger portion to men (男盛), and a smaller portion to women. That could never happen in England, as they would get in trouble for sexism.

Ramen at Yoshiya



For my first ramen in Japan this time, we stopped at Ippudo in Suwa on the drive through to Nagano.