A ship is the noblest of all man’s works – a cunning fabric of wood, and iron, and hemp, wonderfully propelled by wings of canvas, and seeming at times to have the very breath of life.

– Mutiny on the Bounty

The stern of a sailing boat, including the wheel, with her name


Wall mural of a bird-girl with long red hair, swinging on a swing, with a sailing boat off in the distance

El faro por la noche 🚨

The Colonia del Sacramento Lighthouse with its red light shining, beside a renovated 18th-century Portuguese house, its lantern lit in yellow


Wall mural of a monk-like person in meditation, sitting in the lotus position, a aura-surrounded drink can hovering between his hands, with a green eye in the middle


Section of a green-aged copper statue, of a young lady with her dog; the dog's nose rubbed clean, some money stuffed into her hand, her wedding ring very prominent. She is Liliana Crociati de Szaszak.


A juxtaposition of a row of cat paw-shaped lollies, looking out of a window towards the street, with two policemen standing outside in blue vests


Statue of Anne Frank, 1929-1945

And we’re off… 🛫🇳🇱🇦🇷🇺🇾⛵️🇫🇰🇬🇸🇦🇶

A lighted wall design of sky lanterns, the largest and closest in pink with flowers, having the English word Happiness and the associated Chinese characters

I don’t often post links, but this Trove of 4000 glass plate negatives is worth sharing. They’re such amazing quality, and one can imagine in each a story of what ordinary life in the US looked like between the 1860s and the 1930s. More photos linked at Terri Cappucci’s Somebody Photographed This.


Snow-capped Mount Fuji with cloudless skies, taken through a plane window


An M-shaped loop of the red Yokohama Cosmo World rollercoaster, with cars full of riders coming over the top of the first crest

A close-up shot of part of a Suzuki "Katana" motorcycle, its logo of a white Chinese character for "katana" (a knife/sword) with a red katana sliced through its middle


A piece of paper with "Tequila. Mexican Nector (sic) of the GODs" typed on it in red ink


Looking up the cycle ramp to a white arched bridge, with salmon skies of the setting sun behind


The heads of twin girls with bob haircuts looking out of the front of the (automated) metro train down the tracks, other passengers either side, and many yellow grab handles overhead

Tim ☕️

A square of wall covered with eight canvas prints of old Tim Horton advertisements

Taiwan’s National Day 🇹🇼

Five Taiwan flags flying in strong wind above a building tenement

My ZSA Voyager split keyboard setup so far. Up to about 20wpm with the Colemak (DH) layout so I’ve still got a way to go, but making progress. 👨‍💻

A top-down desk shot showing a black split ergonomic keyboard with RGB lighting, the two halves placed either side of an Apple Magic Trackpad


Graffiti outline in black of a man in a bowler hat, with the word TEETH underneath surrounded by some orange paint

Very impressed with the new 5x (120mm) telephoto lens, even in low light 📱

The top part of an observation tower at dusk, against a clear sky


The full moon, surrounded by wisps of cloud, with some leaves of a tree lit up (by flash) in the foreground


A religious statue in a temple, standing waist-down in a light-green bush, with a backdrop of two yellow decorated doors


A bright aeroplane being hit by the sun, with a short contrail behind it, having flown behind the top part of Taipei 101, partly lit up with lights around dusk


My white-and-ginger cat asleep and looking cute on a shelf, next to an irrelevant colourful mess of competition medals. It's all about the cat.

I’ve had enough of Obsidian and Standard Notes; the updates and update mechanisms, and the non-standard (and sub-standard) UIs. Moved my individual notes into Bear, and my old “notes” hierarchy of text files/folders is now in a BBEdit project. My shared/collaborative notes are still in Apple Notes.📔