Very impressed with the new 5x (120mm) telephoto lens, even in low light 📱

The top part of an observation tower at dusk, against a clear sky


The full moon, surrounded by wisps of cloud, with some leaves of a tree lit up (by flash) in the foreground


A religious statue in a temple, standing waist-down in a light-green bush, with a backdrop of two yellow decorated doors


A bright aeroplane being hit by the sun, with a short contrail behind it, having flown behind the top part of Taipei 101, partly lit up with lights around dusk


My white-and-ginger cat asleep and looking cute on a shelf, next to an irrelevant colourful mess of competition medals. It's all about the cat.

I’ve had enough of Obsidian and Standard Notes; the updates and update mechanisms, and the non-standard (and sub-standard) UIs. Moved my individual notes into Bear, and my old “notes” hierarchy of text files/folders is now in a BBEdit project. My shared/collaborative notes are still in Apple Notes.📔

Layers of mountain ⛰ī¸

Several layers of misty mountains in the distance, taken from between two roofs of a Japanese castle, a cloudy sky above, and an almost luminous-green field of grass below


Japanese castle across its moat, set against a blue sky with a single cloud


Mural on the side of a small warehouse building, consisting of five large blue stylised Japanese characters


A surfer standing in the surf of a sandy beach, holding his surfboard, looking out to sea, a breaker beyond, and an island in the distance


Closed storefront of a cafe called TENTOUMUSHI, meaning ladybird/ladybug in Japanese, with a mural on the shutters of several people eating, a burger, and fries spraying ketchup

Well Come 🎷

Mural on the side of a low beach-side building depicting a jazz band called "Shark Band", with double-bass, piano, sax, and trumpet, all painted in black, with the words "Well Come" above it


Denzel Washington dressed in black, sitting on a chair, eyes staring straight out, seeming like they're almost glowing; a poster for The Equalizer 3

I didn’t know that Orange shops still exist; takes me back to the late 1990s đŸ“ŗ

Grey frontage for the Orange (i.e. France Telecom) shop, with the square Orange logo and Spanish-language offers on the window

A buildup of diving-related books to read 📚

Three paperback books side by side; Shadow Divers, Deep, and Deep Descent


Paddington Bears front and centre, the contents of a shop window full of Paddington memorabilia, and other British products comprising the British flag

Debenhams đŸ‡Ŧ🇧

The indented letters making up an old Debenhams shop sign, with graffiti on the boards covering the old windows below

Patriotic Andalusian grandad đŸ‡Ē🇸

Old man in a mobility scooter, with two flags on the back – one of Spain, one of Andalusia – riding through a plaza with trees, people, and old buildings in the background


Sunset over the sea, two sailing boats in the distance under the glowing sun, a railing silhouetted in the foregrounds

Tinto de verano

Glass with red wine drink, "La Tita" written on the side, on a table with sunglasses, a background of a sunny plaza with trees and a bicycle


White 17th-century Hispanic buildings close up against a blue sky, one main window covered up with two wooden boards; one red on the left, and one green on the right.

Red Arrows 🛩ī¸ Nice photo, bro

Flying formation; six planes in the middle, two emitting red smoke, two blue, one white, with two more flying round them in a corkscrew emitting white smoke


Wireframe bird sculpture in silhouette against a setting sky, a turret in the background


Looking out into the harbour through the frame of a castle embrasure, towards many anchored watercraft, and a small boat being rowed by two people

Seventeenth-century arches made from piedra ostionera (“oyster stone”), a porous sandstone containing oyster shells and other fossilised creatures. I really like how it looks and feels. 🏛ī¸

Three arches, pointed at the top, one at 90-degrees to the other two, and formed of yellow-coloured rough stone bricks