This evening, before heading to the cinema to see The Taking of Pelham 123 (which is your average action flick), we went for a meal at one of our old favourites, Poco-a-Poco. Their オムライス (chicken and vegetable fried rice with an omelette on top, pronounced 'omrice' from the English omelette-rice) is legendary; our favourite of anywhere we've ever eaten it. We like it mostly because instead of the usual Japanese オムライス which is made with tomato ketchup, the オムライス at Poco-a-Poco is made with Worcester sauce (yes, the proper Lea & Perrins stuff). They also make their own chunky tomato sauce to go with it which finishes it off a treat.

 We always order the home-made bread rolls as an accompaniment, a large green salad, and finally their huge home-made プリン. Pronounced 'purin', it comes from the word 'pudding' but unlike the generic English term for dessert, in Japanese it means a dessert identical to creme caramel. Again theirs at Poco-a-Poco is top-notch; I have yet to eat a better one anywhere.