Great title that. In Japanese, our lunch for today has the name Genghis Khan (ジンギスカン). Basically it's mutton and vegetables, which you cook yourself on a grill at your table yakiniku-style - which allows you to decide yourself how rare you want the food - then dip it in a sweet garlic sauce before eating. The plate of meat and vegetables in a size meant for three people came with rice, tofu, miso soup and kimchi for each of us.
It was pretty good, but a little chewy for my taste. Quite pricey too at 1500 yen each (about 10 pounds) but something I had to try having not had it before. On the way out I noticed some posters on the wall introducing some of the sheep that they've presumably bred and then slaughtered to serve to their customers. I found myself wondering if these photos were supposed to tempt you into eating the mutton here. The girls of course just said 'かわいい' ("cute") which was a little surreal considering they had probably just eaten one of their siblings.