Finally then, after enjoying one average ramen and one horrendous ramen at the two previous places, we thought that we should finish the day on a positive by visiting a place in Togura (戸倉) on the way home, which Master has been to before and knows is good.

Here there was no bad smell, no dirty bowls, just tasty ramen. The lady there was pleasant, and there were some hairy potato heads on the window ledge beside our table which she assured us had had their hair trimmed recently.

We all ordered the standard (醤油) ramen and left very satisfied. My only slight negative was the thin noodles which, despite eating as fast as I could, quickly went softer than I ideally like. Still, everybody else there prefers thin noodles so I didn't say anything. Master wouldn't take any money from us again though - ごちそう様でした!

When we left we drove back separately; a good end to a nice long (and interesting) lunch trip. Lets hope we can do it again soon! I do love my ramen.