Today we visited Casamingo, a fantastic cake shop which I've written about before.

As you can see by the label that came with the box, this is the shop owner's son's creation because, as I wrote about previously, he trained in Vienna, so his cakes are more Austrian in nature (as opposed to his father's which are apparently more German).

The cake itself is reasonably small - we went for the smallest 12cm size which costs ¥2600 (about £17) - but they sell larger sizes too. It looks the business and cutting into it reveals the marmalade-like jam in between the two sandwiched halfs and also under the icing at the top. This jam adds a really nice flavour to the cake and also makes it less dry, so it becomes very easy to eat it without any cream or anything extra.

Very delicious indeed. I might also take my brother to the shop next week if we get a chance, as he's visiting me from the UK, and he – like me – is a real cake fan.