For my brother's second meal in Japan I suggested that we could go to Tsukiji fish market to taste some of the freshest sushi available. He's eaten sushi once before with me in London but it was really terrible. (Yo Sushi is definitely not recommended!)

So we headed to Sushizanmai, a 24-hour restaurant I've been to several times before. After saying he was up for trying anything (a great attitude to have!) we ordered and quickly consumed various types of tuna, red snapper, flounder's fin, scallop, eel and tamagoyaki (a kind of sweetened egg roll - it can be seen in the very top-right of the first photo).

The favour ite for me was the broiled tuna (two of which are shown in the first photo next to a prawn and cucumber temaki roll) which is truly delicous, and also the most expensive at 395 yen (about £2.50). My brother said that he really enjoyed the eel, which was great news - I foresee an unagi (eel) dinner coming up for us in the next couple of weeks.

At one point the staff all stopped what they were doing, and one of them held up a huge crab and announced that they were going to sell the legs for 1000 yen (about £6.50) each. We didn't partake but I did get a photo.