It has been a long time - nine or ten months - since I last visited the house of my friend Esdras, out in the sticks of central Nagano-ken. (Thankfully I could keep myself occupied on the 50-minute train ride thanks to the ability to tether my iPhone to my MacBook Air.)

Historically we've always eaten home-made cheese wraps for lunch at his house, using tortilla wraps and cheese he and his wife acquired through a food supplier, but this will be the last time to eat them for quite a while. Luckily he had just four tortillas left, enough for a couple each. Their flavour belies their plainness it has to be said, and with chai tea to accompany them they were very satisfying.

We spent a good couple of hours chatting about OS X and the ways we felt it could be improved for the next version, and then the remaining time was expended, well, expending zombies in Resistance 2 on his PS3. Thanks Esdras!