On the first dive, I was taken to see the wreck of the Amami, a Japanese Coastguard patrol boat, which sunk off the coast of Yoron in the 1980s. The wreck is 40m down, so we could only observe it from a depth of about 25m. Still, it was very eery, even from a distance. I've been interested in wrecks, so it's a nice first experience. Unfortunately the photo doesn't come out well, as I've had to tone down the blue, which has left it washed out and looking more like a painting. I took a very short video too though.

At the end of the first dive, as we were ascending the rope back to the boat, my guide suddenly started pointing behind me. I turned around and was shocked to see a large turtle swimming right at me!

Little did I know then, that on my second dive, my guide would take me to a place where turtles were known to sleep and hang out. We arrived to see two or three resting, and before we knew it, one by one they started to appear from all directions. My guide reckons he counted eight of them! I had a big grin on my face as I attempted to swim alongside a couple; a truly wonderful experience!