My new pocket digital camera arrived today, a Canon PowerShot S95

I love the top control dial with the aperture-priority, shutter-priority and manual modes. Combined with the front function ring, which changes its function with each mode, it makes it very easy to adjust the settings for different conditions. Although it's slightly larger than my last Canon Ixy 900IS, the lens aperture opens to F2.0 at 28mm. Oh, and it shoots HD (720p) video too.

With an accompanying 16GB SanDisk SDHC card, I can shoot 100 minutes of HD video, or more than 5000(!) photos, before I run out of space.

So far, it looks like it will make a great pocket-sized camera, to compliment my decidedly non-pocket-sized Canon 5d DSLR.

The sleek black Three MiFi alongside an iPhone. It really is tiny!

Tux and Quake III

Suppose there's no denying where my allegiance lay prior to my first Mac. Tux guarding my favourite game of the time.

Cool Nokias from the past

Found two of my old Nokia phones in the loft; the 8110 'banana phone' and the 7110 with slide/WAP. They were so cool!

Lightsaber chopsticks!

I was like a child in a sweetshop this afternoon when Amazon delivered my latest order. In fact I'd pre-ordered these lightsaber chopsticks a few months ago after first reading about them on TokyoMango. I ordered one of each of the three colours, and back then on pre-order they were 785 yen each (about £5).

After much thought I decided to open Yoda's smaller green ones to use now, and I'll keep Luke's and Darth's in Japan for my return. I guess I could then even create two mixed pairs of chopsticks, one red and one blue. Then every meal would be like a lightsaber duel between good and evil. (Oh dear.)

They've recreated individual handles for each based on the 'real' lightsabers from the Star Wars movies. Opening them revealed some of the detail they've gone to - even the tiny button on the handles is painted green. 

I'll be trying them with my first meal tomorrow, woooooooo!

Gundam in Odaiba

The life-size (i.e. giant) Gundam (ガンダム) in the middle of Shiokaze Park on the man-made island of Odaiba will only be there until the end of August, so I took the opportunity of taking the train there to have a quick look.

 It's actually my first trip over to Odaiba, and I have to say it was really good to see the sea as well.

 Despite it being a weekday it was still predictably crowded, but I imagine being the last weekend that the next couple of days will be a lot worse! There was also not a cloud in the sky which made the walk from the station seem that much longer. And guess who forgot the sun cream this morning; think I'll be red tomorrow.