I was like a child in a sweetshop this afternoon when Amazon delivered my latest order. In fact I'd pre-ordered these lightsaber chopsticks a few months ago after first reading about them on TokyoMango. I ordered one of each of the three colours, and back then on pre-order they were 785 yen each (about £5).

After much thought I decided to open Yoda's smaller green ones to use now, and I'll keep Luke's and Darth's in Japan for my return. I guess I could then even create two mixed pairs of chopsticks, one red and one blue. Then every meal would be like a lightsaber duel between good and evil. (Oh dear.)

They've recreated individual handles for each based on the 'real' lightsabers from the Star Wars movies. Opening them revealed some of the detail they've gone to - even the tiny button on the handles is painted green. 

I'll be trying them with my first meal tomorrow, woooooooo!