Despite arriving by bus in the Shinjuku area (west) of Tokyo, we took the train to Tokyo (east) station especially so we could eat お好み焼き at きじ (Kiji), as we'd seen some good reviews online. Arriving at about 13:20 there was a queue of about 25 people, which meant nearly a 40 minute wait! Needless to say we were pretty hungry upon entering, and luckily we were given seats at the counter which meant some great views of the okonomiyaki being prepared by the four chefs.

 We ordered a pork and a beef, and watched them being made. The first photo is actually half the pork one and half the beef one - they divided them both in two for the two of us to share. They pile on the spring onion, and under that is the usual brown okonomiyaki sauce. Once we'd finished we agreed that the beef one was the best, so we couldn't help ourselves ordering another one to share. The beef it turns out is called 牛筋, pronounced 'gyusuji', and is the beef that surrounds the tendons/sinew of the cow which is softened for hours before serving. Doesn't sound so appetising written here, but it was really tender and delicious; hence us ordering two of them!

 I was in a great position to take some photos of the chefs creating a lot of different types of okonomiyaki all at once. In the photo of all of them together you can see, from left-right front-back: squid, pork, octopus, shrimp, beef (牛筋 like ours) and squid again. Once they're actually cooking they use the metal shields to make sure the customers don't get fat splattered at them. I have to say too that the customer service was really timely; they kept topping up our water, bringing sauces and toothpicks at the right time, and even new plates and napkins when we ordered the extra okonomiyaki. The whole meal was 3160 yen (about 20 pounds).

 After exiting the restaurant about 14:40 there were still more than 15 people waiting outside. It's certainly a popular place, and not without reason; it was very tasty! I'll definitely be back.