The prospect sounded good; a pizza restaurant called Fioravante owned by an Italian in a Small Italy-type area of Shinbashi. Unfortunately despite being greeted by an Italian lady and the waiters and waitresses all being Italian, for some strange reason the guy in the kitchen was Japanese. An Italian-speaking Japanese, but nonetheless still surprising for us. Also the service was hardly Italian-like, and wasn't friendly at all; I didn't see the owner smile once the whole time.
Their lunch set gave a choice of the pizza of the day - today was potato and mozzarella (a decidedly non-Italian combination) - or either the plain margherita or marinara alternatives. We had one margherita and one marinara as part of the 1000 yen (6 pound) lunch set, which included a salad, a couple of pieces of (possibly yesterday's) bread, and a tea or coffee. So not very expensive, however the pizza was really not very good; the tomato sauce on both pizzas was sweet - as is so often the case in places outside of Italy - and we didn't enjoy either of them. Below is a bad photo courtesy of Mr. Blurrycam.
Ah well, better luck next time. I still want to go back to Sciue' Sciue' in Shibuya as I rated their pizza much better when I first went 3-4 years ago. Last time I tried to go, however, it was closed for renovations.