After our late lunch we weren't really that hungry until later in the evening. Beforehand we'd walked through Shiba Park to the base of the Tokyo Tower, so we then felt more like eating again.

 The restaurant in Ebisu, on the west side of Tokyo, is called キムカツ (pronounced 'kimukatsu') and is famous for its tonkatsu. Instead of being a single piece of pork like most tonkatsu, the variation served here is made up of thin layers of pork, with some of the dishes having fillings including cheese, onions, garlic, black pepper etc. Tonight we went for a plain and a cheese, and they come with rice, cabbage (with free refills), miso soup and a drink. They gave us a choice of white or red miso soup, and we both went for the red (pictured below) which has quite a strong flavour. Finally there are two types of sauce to dip the tonkatsu in before eating with rice and cabbage.

 Of course being evening, and with me not having to drive, it had to be accompanied with a deliciously chilled beer! It was quite an expensive dinner in the end, costing 5190 yen (nearly 35 pounds), but we don't get to eat there too often and it's one of our favourite katsu restaurants.