Apparently (according to my other half) this is the best spicy ramen with tofu (マーボーラーメン) in the area. Actually the place we went to for lunch today is located opposite my old Japanese language school in the 川中島 (Kawanakajima) area outside Nagano city, so until March this year when I graduated we used to go here quite regularly. The restaurant's name is 永楽 (pronounced 'eiraku') and it is the only (thanks to the above-referenced statement declaring it the best) place I've eaten this ramen.

The slightly spicy soup contains mince and tofu, and underneath this top layer of meat and tofu lie the noodles. Very tasty! Reasonably priced too at 650 yen (about £4.50).

It's not too clean a restaurant I feel, but in truth it's probably typical of a 中華食堂 (Chinese-style diner). Thankfully last year they finally made the main part of the restaurant non-smoking over the lunchtime period. I do wish they'd hurry up and outlaw smoking in all public places like other countries, but I sadly don't see that happening for quite some years yet. But at least it's moving in the right direction.